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Loving Kindness Meditations

Micro Urban Meditations on Mindfulness of Feminine Energy

Compiled by Mira Riddiford

Mindfulness of Breathing

Meditation: Acceptance of Breathing
Become interested in your breathing, let it be exactly as it needs to be. Rather than forcing a deep breath, or making yourself relax, let your breath give you intel on how your body and mind is feeling. Be open to this knowledge. Is it pleasant or unpleasant? Give acceptance to how it is right now. Then let your breath untangle any tension that is present. Keep bringing your attention back to your breathing when your mind wanders off. Be patient and kind with this process.

Meditation: Date
Imagine you are on a date with your breathing, your breath is sitting across the table from you. There is perhaps a red rose, a candle, a checked table cloth… create a scene that works for you. You are here to be romantic with your breath. You are curious about your breath, you want to know more about it. Connect with it. Allow your breath to soften you. How does this happen? Through acceptance, first let your breath be exactly how it is without trying to change it. Let it lead. Allow yourself to be seduced by what gives you life.

Mindfulness of Body

Meditation: On feminine form
Become mindful of your feminine form, place your awareness in your body, become mindful of feminine energy. Note any sensations, any thoughts or feelings when you contemplate this. Acceptance for your feminine form just as it is.

Meditation: Body scan in increments
Go down from just above your head, through your body in 2cm increments, with the keyword femininity. Check in each increment with how that part of the body relates to the words feminine energy. Once you have completed that – or at another meditation – go up in the other direction from feet up (start just below the ground, and then into the body). There’s no right or wrong response in this – you just want to know.

Meditation: Loving Kindness for your body
Through all it’s stages: childhood, teen, young woman, mature woman. Send Loving Kindness for all the change the female form goes through. The range your femininity goes through. Give yourself allowance and permission for any feelings that arise. Allow diversity and imperfection, that’s compassion and it feels like bliss, in time.

Mindfulness of Femininity

Meditation: Visualise feminine form: use colour psychology of red
Contemplation keywords – feel in your body, and/or visualise the biochemistry of: feeling passionate, joyful, focussed, decisive, dancing – moving energy within, warmth, heat, non-burning upward moving flame, smouldering. Is this easy to contact or not? Mentally note what is present. Gently encourage these qualities to be present.

Meditation: Visualise feminine form: use colour psychology of white
Contemplation keywords: peaceful, pacifying, calming, acceptance, creative, swan-like, grace, flow, creative, intelligence, artistry, kind, accepting.



Meditation: Visualise feminine form: use colour psychology of green
Contemplation keywords: earthed, grounded, connected to nature, loved, cared for, nourished, kind mother, fearlessness, courage, active compassion, cherished, savouring, unconditional.

Meditation: Passive – Active, work between the two.
Active – feel that quality in your body: extending energy, power, generosity, intentional, clear, directive, aspiration. Strength. Binding.

Passive – feel that quality in your body: receiving energy, being open to receive, being supported, being cared for. “I am open to receive”. Vulnerability. Sensitivity. Surrender. Unbinding.


Meditation: Visualise sinking down into a pool of still cooling water. Sit in depth silence. Let your body and mind weave itself back together again to feel whole and centred. Listen to your depth. “What do you need? What do you really need? What do you want?”

Meditation: Aphrodite/Venus
“She arose from the sea foam”. Feel your body as soft bubbling foam, sparkling, soft, sensual, fizzy water like a West Coast beach. Dancing or galloping waves. Let love be in the room.

Meditation: Strength – Red Lion
Visualise beside you, as a companion, a red lion. The red lion represents your sexuality. Communicate with it, care for it. Check in on it often. This also is an indication of your strength, vitality, life force. How is your lion doing? Your ability to roar with bliss.

Meditation: Freyja – strong, beautiful and wise. Fire of the enlightened jewel mind.
Another meditation: Freyja’s golden tears. If sadness or grief arises you can visualise those qualities as Freyja’s tears and turn them gold. Weep golden tears. Gold to value the healing process.

Meditation: Artemis/Diana the Huntress. “Artemis of the wildland, Mistress of Animals”. Protector of the wild feminine. Protector of the little she bears (9 year old girls). Ruler of the mountains. Her companion is a deer. Visualise that you have a deer, or yourself as a deer, wild, free, gentle, part of nature, at home in the forest.

Meditation: Star/Hathor. Sacred Feminine. Beautiful and joyful.
Fishing for truth. Being open to the solution. Quote to contemplate: ”We have to stop thinking in order to meditate properly, and when we stop thinking the truth unveils herself to us” – Paul Foster Case.

Meditation: Queen of Space. Visualise yourself as a female form, filled with midnight and stars, space, emptiness. It feels calming rather than vacant. You have azure blue eyelids, and you are bending over, embracing, soothing the world as the night sky. You are Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars, binding nothing. A gentle blue flame flickering in your heart. Your lovely hands upon the black earth, your body filled with love, and your soft feet not harming the little flowers. Breathe in the light of the stars.

“I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union.”

For further mindfulness instructions contact: Mira Riddiford on ph: 021 548 781, Mira has over 20 years of extensive training in meditation and mindfulness both in New Zealand and internationally. She teaches people individually, in classes, and retreats.

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Micro Urban Meditations on Mindfulness of Feminine Energy