Meditation: Bacchus Invocation

Lord Bacchus Devotions


This ground is sacred, this ground is pure, this ground is protected by healing. This ground is a sanctuary of peace. Wwoh! Dionysus please offer us your blessings.



Young Bacchus, who runs through the night. The forests at your feet. Wwoh! Dionysus. The moss and stones are holding you so close. The trees are your temple. Strong lover of the woods. Come visit with your vine, connected and firm. 

Cherish me now, reaching out bit, by bit. Holding. Remember us latching together. Pleasure, such pleasure, at such pace. Masterful majesty, magical mystery, I’m calling you from afar. Please join. 

Diamond-like sparks are sparkling deep into the woods. Little flames that lick the sky. Only showing the barest of glimpses. They show the darkening, the quietening, the soothing of nighttime. They are calling out to you. Calling me forth. Calling you forth. We are so close.

Kindness in the darkness, tenderness in the mist. There is magnificent beauty, glowing within you, in this ever deepening embrace. There is this delicately, dedicated tension, when we slow down and breathe in this space. Feeling this passion satiated. Calm enters our blood, veins and hearts. You are never ageing, ever forbearing, so patiently, unrestrained. Unrestrictive. Kneel closer to me. Not as a bystander, your arms flexing, bending over, opening up to me. Embracing me. Forest dweller, please dwell in my heart. Never leaving me be. 

Young Man with a Vine. Lord Bacchus. King of the Grape. Keep me close. 

It is you, who is the protector of the unconventional. Protector of the gate. Let only those through who can listen to love. So they don’t destroy it later. Liber. Shiva. Give us our freedom, give us our joy, so that our redemption brightens us awake. Let us rise up and claim this right to enjoy life. Now. 

Here is the remedy to soothe an aching heart. It is you who knows how to liberate. I request you free us from fear, liver of the wild life. You who roars the winds. Take care of me. Have some keen interest in this struggle. Soothe me now.

You are “he of the trees”. Completely hidden. Deliverer, you know how to loosen me, please do it. You are the one who releases me from these ropes of worry. You, who runs through the forest, are a wandering hero, conquering all misery. Please give it all what it needs. Ever salvaging. You are a Light for the darkness. A founder of cities of peace. Drinker of life, soaker in spirit. Never give up on me.

Runner of the woods. Lover of love. Awaken the dirt, stones, and trees. Awaken my tired aching bones, from relentlessly seeking peace. You are the dark earthy ground, who lets things be. Older than ancient, you’ve concealed more than enough, oh one who lives in the clay. Just waiting for the right opening, to speak to and through. He who prevails, always prevails, never give up on me.