What do David Bowie, Plato and Carl Jung all have in common? They all consciously worked with, and were fascinated by, Archetypes.


Archetypes are supportive and strengthening primal images that have been part of our consciousness for a very long time. They are present in our genetic memory.

The language of symbols speaks so directly because it works with the primordial within us. Symbols quickly get our attention, and go beyond the thinking mind, straight to the core of what makes life meaningful.

Archetypes are not a gimmick. They are part of how great minds learn to grow into what they need to be. Proper teachings on classical archetypes are empowering, educative, playful and positive. You might be surprised to learn how many well known actors, musicians and artists – along with intellectuals and business leaders – work with archetypes.

The Western Mediations work very well alongside the growing world wide interest in Mindfulness meditation. They both have the aspiration to help us to be more present and engaged in daily life.